De-stress & Indulge

We utilize:

adaptogens- herbs that have been shown to assist in the reduction of stress

calmatives- herbs that have been shown to calm the nervous system

aphrodesiacs- herbs that have been shown to stimulate sensual passions

androgens- pine pollen in particular is known to balance the testosterone levels in the body

Featured product

  • Cacao Bitters Tonic
  • Cacao Bitters Tonic

Cacao Bitters Tonic

  • $31.99

This digestive bitters tonic is infused with our Ecuadorian cacao, Orange Peel & Cardamom to give you a floral and citrus balanced digestif.

Take them before your meal, after your meal, or even add to your favorite old fashioned cocktail or mocktail for a refreshing alternative cacao beverage.

Bitters are know best for their digestive stimulant properties, and the flavor of bitter has been widely underused in our western cuisine.

 4 oz bottle 

Quality Without Compromise

Wild-crafted & certified organic ingredients.

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  • "Each flavor was so unique & the herbal combinations especially helped my mood."
    - Barbie Kamiel
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  • “Greetings, ordained of the cacao goddess! I recently had the pleasure of trying some of your delectably artisanal offerings, and have to say they are delicious!! Your uncompromising dedication to doing it right, for the right reason, definitely shines through. The reverence for the the mother's sacred goodness is beautifully displayed in the lovely exotic blends I sampled. Keep up the good work!”
    - Tobin