Shipping Policy

Chocolate is a melty substance above 74 degrees. As such, when the weather outside gets warm, we do our best to ward against the heat by shipping with reflective bubble wrap and ice packs. We also ship out priority mail so your package will arrive in 2-3 days once shipped. Keep your eyes on your tracking info and grab your package out of your mailbox as quickly as possible, especially if you live in a warm area. We cannot be responsible for chocolate melting in your mailbox if it sits there. We have no way to verify how long it sat. You can always ship to a work address, request the chocolate to be held at the post, or send it to a PO box (which usually stay pretty temperature controlled indoors).

If you think there was an issue in transit or your package takes longer than usual to arrive. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. The postal workers are swamped and have lots of packages to keep track of, and sometimes, frankly, packages go missing. Let us know and we'd be happy to remedy a lost package by replacing it for you.

We do make our truffles weekly so please allow a potential 2-3 days delay before we ship our your order so that we can get you the freshest and tastiest chocolate possible.

Thank you so much for understanding the delicate nature of cacao.