• Gianduja- the OG version of our Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

                    What was the inspiration for our Hazelnut Chocolate Spread? Gianduja! So what is Gianduja? Pronounced “John-doo-ya”, Gianduja is a combination of ground hazelnuts and about 30% chocolate. According to Wikipedia, it was invented in Turin during Napoleon’s Regency (1796-1814) by Mic... View Post
  • Herbal Chocolate- A Brief History

    Herbal Chocolate- A Brief History

      You may ask where the idea for making herbal chocolate came from. Our founder, Sarah Ann Lesslie had been making raw chocolate since 2005 for Sedona Chocolate Superfoods. She had severe dysmenorrhea or “extremely painful periods” and was sick of taking strong painkillers, so she turned to....

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