• Herbal Blend Gift Set

Herbal Blend Gift Set

Try a variety of our herb-crafted bars.
The Herbal Blend Gift Set includes 2 of each of these bars: Strawberry Passion, Lavender Dreamtime, Moontime Rose


When chocolate first came to Europe from South American, it was blended with herbs as a better delivery for them, and considered part of health care. We’ve revisited that idea and are offering you bars blended for a few different purposes.

Our Strawberry Passion bars holds a blend of aphrodisiac herbs, covered in dark chocolate and strawberries to open your heart and increase your passions.

Moontime Rose is a dark chocolate bar with herbs to support the balancing of hormones. These herbs are particularly selected to support women during their moon cycle, but are also safe for men to imbibe as well.

Lavender Dreamtime is a dark bar with a blend of herbs to support restful and memorable sleep with lavender adding a soft floral accent to this dark chocolate bar.

  • $25.45