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Meet the Creator of Raw White Chocolate

Sarah Ann Lesslie has been making raw chocolate for almost a decade, before there was even a raw food section in most health food stores. During this time, she has worked diligently to create a raw white chocolate that is evenly blended, perfectly tempered, and held a unique and desirable flavor profile; not too buttery, not too sweet. She has a desire for the distinctly different, the exotic, something new and exciting, and her chocolate reflects that.

Nourishing you with Nutrition

Seeing as she loves to share, Sarah Ann gave her chocolate to friends and family who just fell in love with her creations. As people kept asking her to make more of her chocolate, she listened. She has continued to make more and more chocolate as a result. Now, she has decided to broaden her circle of friends and include you. Her wish is to provide you with chocolate that nourishes you with nutrition, and satiates your chocolate desires.

Share the Raw Beauty

Sarah Ann believes that sharing food brings us together. Meal times are the moments when we come together and share stories with one another: about our day, about our feeling, about anything at all. These are the moments in which we can share the raw beauty of what it means to be human.



Chocolita was created with the intention of providing eco-friendly, nutritious and exotic chocolate products. Our desire is to provide a unique epicurean experience that leaves your body feeling nurtured with nutrition and your taste buds stimulated with culinary bliss.

We strive to reconnect you with cacao as a health food and chemically complex food source as well as a medium for nutrient delivery. We encourage you to read our mythos story, and continue your own research into the history of cacao to discover how truly special this food, and the beautiful culture that surrounds it, are.

GMO-Free Policy

Chocolita is committed to a strict GMO-Free policy. There will never be any GMO’s in our bars.

We use only wild-crafted and organic ingredients. Because many wild-crafted ingredients are not certified organic (and are difficult to certify organic because of the nature of true wild-crafting), our bars cannot carry the USDA seal on all the bars. We have had our bars certified by an organic certifyer, Stellar, who has verified the purity of all of our ingredients. Check the back of the bars to discover which ingredients are organic and which are wild-crafted. We believe that wild-crafted ingredients are a necessity for creating the most potent and nutritionally vital bars for you and your health.

Exotic Flavors

We are committed to bringing you exotic and unique flavors that you’ll fall in love with.  At Chocolita, we love to celebrate difference (and have a feeling you do too). This sets our chocolate apart from other chocolate companies: our flavors, like our followers, are stand-alone and unique.

Ground Whole Beans

We use whole stone-ground beans for our dark bars. Mixing powder and butter simply doesn’t provide that deep, rich flavor and the full-nutrient profile that the ground beans provide. For us, it’s all about providing you with the most delectable flavor and desirable bars.


Our chocolate is stone-ground in gorgeous granite grinders. The chocolate remains at low temperatures throughout the entire process (which we check with temperature monitors regularly) to ensure you are getting truly raw chocolate.


We use heirloom Arriba Nacional Cacao from Ecuador. Preservation of unique and wild species is important to us, and we’re delighted we can share that with you.

Free of Soy, Gluten, Corn, Fillers, Processed Sugar

We love the feeling of being free and our chocolate reflects that. We have made a commitment to bring you the most pure chocolate possible. This means it is free of processed junk and ingredients that commonly cause digestive upset (gluten, soy, corn).  There are no fillers in our chocolate and never will be.


We only use low-glycemic sweeteners in our bars. They all currently use Coconut Palm Sugar, which has a glycemic index of 30-35.  Sarah Ann’s mother is a diabetic, and she wanted to make a chocolate that her mother (and other diabetics) would be able to enjoy.


Ixcacao, the Goddess of Chocolate

Many years ago, at the dawning of the 5th age of man, the Mayan goddess of chocolate, Ixcacao, walked amongst the people. She listened to their suffering and appeased the fears of starvation by providing food, abundance and wisdom. She taught the people how to create an abundant life.  The goddess of abundance was highly revered in this matriarchal society.

Food of the Gods

However, soon change came, as it always seems to do, and kings began to rule. Society shifted towards being run by a patriarchal ruling-elite. Ixcacao was taken out of the corn fields, where she has previously provided abundance for the people, and was forced to marry the god of currency, Ek Chuah. Cacao beans were then used as currency. Abundance was then measured by this currency.  3 beans would get you a fresh ripe avocado, 300 would get you a turkey cock.  Women and children were not allowed to eat chocolate. It became a food only fit for royalty, warriors, and the gods.  It even became known as “food of the gods”.

Compassion to Nurture the People

Because of her compassionate nature, Ixcacao still wanted to nurture the people.  She decided to escort the initiates that would sacrifice their lives to the sun god up the pyramid and provide them with cacao as a support for their strength when they would give their life-blood for the sun to keep rising. She made this journey with the initiates once a year.

Bringing Color and Life to the People

One year, it was particularly hard for her to make the trip, and she wondered if she was going to be able to do it again. When she entered her dressing room, the goddess of love, Huitaca, surprised her there. Huitaca told her she noticed that Ixcacao still welcomed the people from the fields at night, but the people didn’t seem to be happy anymore. They are now working so hard that they sleep without dreams, and their days no longer have joy or laughter. Together, Huitaca and Ixcacao devised a plan to bring color and life back into the lives of the people.Food of the Gods

Fermenting Cacao for Aphrodisiac

Ixcacao taught the kings how to ferment cacao drinks into a wine to make them intoxicating. She told them that cacao had aphrodisiac properties. Cacao now brought love and pleasure.  Many kings exploited cacao for these properties, and gluttony reigned. However, Quetzalcoatl returned again, and gave his life so that there would not have to be any more human sacrifice to the sun.

Goddess of Abundance, Love, and Pleasure

As a gesture of thanks, Huitaca covered Ixcacao in white flowers from head to toe. Ixcacao now returned to her people in the fields as the goddess of abundance, love, and pleasure. The people were now happy again. They sang and danced, and worked with love in their hearts thanks to their goddess Ixcacao.

Ixcacao helps to remind us to bring joy into the work in our lives, and slow down from the fast-paced and oftentimes greedy society we are engaging in so that we can take part in the things that bring us pleasure.

A Reminder to Reconnect with the Spirit of Chocolate

We have disconnected the experience of eating chocolate and blissful pleasure, however. Due to adulteration and heavy processing, chocolate has become a junk food associated with sin and guilt. It does not have to be this way at all! We now know that chocolate is a health food, and in its pure form, is vitalizing, nourishing and nutritious.

Chocolita wants to remind you to reconnect to the spirit of Ixcacau, and enter into a state of healthy and vibrant bliss with every bite.
Here at Chocolita, making chocolate and providing others with healthful bliss gives us pleasure. We stay inspired by the story of Ixcacau to live the life we love and sharing that love with others.

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